New Themes from Zukathemes

New themes will be offered here to supplement those in the Tiki package. These are free to download and install. For information on installing a new Tiki theme, please see themes.tiki.org. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by Synergiq Solutions that has helped make these themes available.

Custom Themes

Complement the power and flexibility of the Tiki web application with a visual design of your choice. For a basic but attractive custom theme, the cost may be surprisingly low.

Original themes made to client specifications

When there are specific requirements for the appearance of your website.

Adaptation/conversion of an HTML template or WordPress, Joomla, Drupal theme, etc.

When you have found a theme for another web application that has the right look and would like to use it or similar for your Tiki site.

Modification of an existing Tiki theme

When you are using a standard Tiki theme but need some help making visual adjustments for your website.

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Please use the contact form to request further information or an estimate regarding a custom theme.

Website Services

Zukathemes can help your website fulfill the role you have in mind for it.

Website installation and configuration

The Tiki platform offers incredible power and flexibility, but you may need assistance to get the website set up as you want it.

Content production, organization, editing

Zukathemes brings skills honed over years of experience in advertising, copy-writing, and proofreading, as well as web development (see below) .

Conversion of existing website to the Tiki platform

When you want to migrate an existing website to Tiki, Zukathemes can help..

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Please use the contact form to request further information or an estimate regarding website services.

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Why Tiki, Why a Custom Theme, and Why Zukathemes

Why Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Tiki is full-featured

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is one of the most full-featured web applications available: Wiki, blogs, forums, galleries, news articles, free-form databases, calendars, multimedia, social networking, fine-grained user access permissions, content categories, and more.

Tiki is free to use and economical to modify and maintain

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is "Free / Libre / Open Source" software whose development is guided by the non-profit Tiki Software Association.

A Tiki website can have any look and layout

Virtually any page layout and design is possible, through the implementation of a superset of the Bootstrap CSS framework. Tiki visual themes control visual style and content layout on the presentation layer only, and don't affect site functionality or security.

Why a Custom Theme

Match existing corporate or organization branding

Commission a custom theme to embody the look and feel of your present website or corporate, organization branding or personal image.

Make the medium part of the message

An off-the-rack theme is likely not the best to convey the image you want to present on the web.

Reflect your personal style

A custom theme is unbeatable for a personal website, portfolio, blog or similar, to have maximum control of its effectiveness as a statement of who you are.

Why Zukathemes


Dozens of Tiki themes created, including many in the Tiki software package, and Tiki sites set up and configured, since 2006.

Familiarity with Tiki

Involvement with the Tiki project for over 10 years as a code contributor (username: chibaguy) specializing in UI and visual themes, as well as project administrator.

Continually working to improve efficiency

(Content coming.)