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Gary Cunningham-Lee Wednesday May 25, 2016
The Tiki project is enjoying a renaissance as the incorporation of the Bootstrap CSS framework is complete and new features are being added and old ones are being steadily improved. In step with this, I'm ramping up the Zukathemes website because making themes based on Bootstrap is actually a lot of fun, and also because people have been asking for more themes to choose from for their Tiki sites.

I wanted to offer a variety of themes to start off the site, so some have rich textures and 3D button effects, while others are more spare in keeping with the flat and material trends. And some are updates of traditional favorites like themes that replicate the Wikipedia and WordPress appearance. There are 23 new themes in the pipeline on my local machine, and a handful are pretty close to being finished. It's been kind of a long slog with not much outward sign of this activity, but the first of the themes are just about ready.
Gary And Tiki

The themes.tiki.org website is being revamped soon to add a "marketplace" for themes and eventually for other useful items for Tiki. The idea is that people can go to themes.tiki.org to find new themes that are listed there, then they'll be directed to theme authors' websites to try out live demos and download the themes. That's where zukathemes.com comes in. Tiki users may find this site directly, or via themes.tiki.org. Hopefully other individuals and companies will also be making themes available for Tiki, to increase the variety available for the platform.