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Dark Velvet

Rich, dark-textured PixelKit theme

theme screenshot

The first of the PixelKit free packages to be adapted for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Dark Velvet is appropriately named. The theme is well-suited for dramatic causes, nocturnal endeavors, audio collections, and high-contrast presentation of visual art against a muted background.

Some effort was made to spread the velvety goodness to nearly all facets of the Tiki website, even the jQuery-UI modal boxes and CK Editor help screen, etc.


When the theme archive is expanded, a directory (folder) will be made that contains all the theme files in their necessary subdirectories. Install the theme by transferring this directory to the Tiki site's "themes" directory. After refreshing the site's Look and Feel admin page, the theme name will appear in the theme selector, and can be selected. (Note: The theme name and directory start with uppercase letters so the theme may be out of order in the list of themes.)


This theme uses a webfont that is retrieved from Google Fonts. If the Tiki site doesn't have access to the Internet, or if there is some reason it shouldn't make the request for the font, then local storage of the font should be implemented, or an alternative font used.

What files are included

This theme includes some of the files of the original PixelKit free package (some image files and edited versions of some Less files). For users familiar with the Less CSS pre-processor, the contents of the less directory in this package can be checked to find what files are used in the compiling of the final CSS style sheet.

If disk space or file count is an issue at the server, the Less directory and files and the empty font and icon directories don't need to be uploaded/copied to the server.

What the theme covers

The Tiki implementation of this theme includes color palette and typographical treatment and the most commonly used elements in the original PixelKit page elements such as navbars and buttons, but not all objects. Sliders, rotary dials and ribbons, etc. aren't yet implemented.

Theme modification

The style sheet of this Tiki theme is compiled from Less files. For a particular site, the theme can be modified by editing the relevant Less partial and compiling the CSS. Or the CSS style sheet itself can be edited. Alternatively, a custom.css file in the themes directory will override any rules in the style sheet, or CSS rules can be input in the Custom CSS text area under the Customization tab of the Look and Feel admin page of the site's control panels.

For general help with Tiki themes, please use the forums at the forums or ask in the Tiki IRC channel.

Creation date 2016-07-27
Last update 2016-08-02
License LGPL
Tiki version Tiki15
If adapted from another theme...
Source theme author PixelKit
Source theme website
Source theme license MIT


For Tiki 15